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Hospitality Management Competitive Business Environment

Questions: Errand A Examination report depicting the components of the item in a business and administrations setting . In your preferred wake of choosing a lodging, do an individual investigation into the components of the result of this inn, and produce a composed report of your discoveries which ought to include: an) A conversation about the key parts of the item and how the item blend adds to deals and benefit b) An evaluation on how advertise division adds to boost of deals Task B Examination report portraying the outside deals improvement methods Carry out an individual investigation into outer deals procedures utilizing a similar lodging you chose for task An and produce a composed report of your discoveries which ought to include: an) A conversation about the components influencing purchaser conduct b) An appraisal of the publicizing media that could be utilized for deals advancement circumstances c) An assessment of the utilization of outside promoting to amplify client volumes Task C Examination report depicting the inside deals advancement and marketing Carry out an individual investigation into inner deals methods utilizing a similar inn you chose for task An and produce a composed report of your discoveries which ought to include: an) An appraisal of the impact of plan and format on client spending b) An audit and assessment of the adequacy of interior promoting materials c) An assessment of various limited time exercises as indicated by various situations Task D Research report portraying the job of staff in augmenting deals Carry out an individual investigation into the job of staff in deals utilizing a similar lodging you chose for task An and produce a composed report of your discoveries which ought to include: an) An assessment of individual selling procedures b) A conversation about the impact of operational structure on deals income c) Key rules that ought to be remembered for a business preparing program . Answers: Presentation In this serious business condition, client assistance is one of the central point. Each help put together organization is offering consideration with appreciation to this angle for fulfilling their focused on shoppers (Buhalis and Crotts 2013). This report is comprising on various viewpoints, which causes the inn business to reinforce their administration bundles. In this report, the picked organization is Marriot Hotel, UK. There are four area of this report, which is accentuating how this association is getting fruitful result from their administration plan and other showcasing exercises. Undertaking A: Describing components of items and administration setting 1.1 Discussing key segments of administration and commitment of item blend on deals and benefit A help based organization is managing the changing needs and prerequisites of shoppers. Subsequent to surveying the components of administrations offered by Marriot Hotel, it very well may be obvious that this organization is offering inline administrations, which impact the purchasers to build their spending (Harrington et al. 2014). The administration of this organization is having various components, which are having both positive and negative effect at a bargain volume. Following is the segments of administration offered by Marriot Hotel and conversation with respect to how these segments are encouraging the organization in expanding deals and benefit. Administration quality: The association is speaking with the purchasers in a continuous way for understanding their needs and necessities (Okumus 2013). Consequently, helping the buyers is the most significant component of the administration bundle offered by this organization. This component is successfully helping the specialist co-ops in holding existing and new purchasers from worldwide market. In the wake of evaluating administration nature of Marriot Hotel, it tends to be apparent that the organization is thinking about shopper fulfillment as the most significant factor (Testa and Sipe 2012). So as to fulfill the purchasers, the organization is straightforwardly speaking with the customers, which is helping the organization in improving assistance quality according to changing needs and requests of shoppers. Premium valuing: Premium evaluating is another segment of administration gave by Marriot Hotel. The organization has actualized this evaluating technique for expanding apparent estimation of the shoppers (Raza et al. 2012). As the administration nature of this lodging is high, this administration part is helping the organization in drawing in more purchasers and improving their image picture in a powerful way. Estimating is one of the significant components of advertising blend and thusly, Marriot is concentrating on this angle for improving customer saw esteem with respect to the administrations (Maggioni, Marcoz and Mauri 2014). In this way, it very well may be said that superior valuing procedure is the key part of the administrations gave by Marriot Hotel. Customized administration: In request to encourage various necessities of purchasers, Marriot is thinking about customized administration bundles in which shoppers can make their administration bundles according to their particular prerequisites (Becerra, Santal and Silva 2013). Additionally, it helps the organization in selling different inline items, for example, food and other correlative merchandise. Aside from that, Marriot is thinking about prior contacts for fulfilling the shoppers (Hoque 2013). In this procedure, the organization is speaking with the customers in regards to the past issues of buyers. Figure 1: Service parts (Source: Created by the creator) The previously mentioned administration parts are affecting the item blend of Marriot Hotel. Additionally, the item blend is having enormous commitment in expanding the deals and productivity for the organization (Chathoth et al. 2013). The term item blend alludes to the assortment of administration bundles offered by the organization. As the organization is offering customized administrations, it tends to be said that the item blend is profoundly useful for expanding in general deals and advantages of the organization (Vlachos and Bogdanovic 2013). Following is the conversation in regards to how the item blend of Marriot Hotel is encouraging the organization in expanding deals and benefit. Width: This component of administration blend is speaking to the degree to which the administration of the organization is expanded. If there should arise an occurrence of Marriot Hotel, the organization is permitting the buyers to adjust the administration bundle according to their prerequisites (Sandvik, Duhan and Sandvik 2014). For a model, in the event that a purchaser is looking for a business class administration, at that point it is the decisions of the shopper that whether the customer will pick a business gathering settlement of conference convenience (Kim, Vogt and Knutson 2015). It encourages the shoppers to pay just for the profited administration, which really encourages the organization in improving buyer maintenance. This component of administration blend increment deals volume of the organization and alongside that, it helps the organization selling their product offering, which is powerful for upgrading net revenue (Chen et al. 2014). Length: Service length speaks to the quantity of administrations offered by an association. It is profoundly imperative to have an enormous length of administrations for drawing in buyers. Aside from that, this component of administration blend productively fulfills necessities of the buyers (Thakran and Verma 2013). In the event of Marriot Hotel, the organization is offering diverse assistance bundles for various shopper portions, for example, family, traveler, specialist and some more (Eid and El-Gohary 2015). Consequently, it very well may be said that Marriot is having an enhanced assistance bundles, which helps the organization in keeping up business maintainability as far as various season. Profundity: This component of administration blend speaks to the variety of each help bundles of an association. In the wake of directing the exploration, it very well may be obvious that Marriot is having different assistance bundles for various buyer portions (Law et al. 2015). For a model, the organization is having family based assistance bundles for encouraging global and neighborhood customers. Aside from that, business customers are looking for various types of administrations and the organization is satisfying necessities of each shopper with profundity of their administration structure in a viable way (Poku, Zakari and Soali 2013). Consistency: administration consistency shows that how different assistance bundles are identified with one another. For instance, administration offered by Marriot Hotel is settlement, food administrations and other product offering (Bayoumi et al. 2013). As the organization is offering customized administration bundle for the buyers, clearly the administrations of Marriot Hotel are applicable to one another. Thusly, the organization can sell their product offering during offering support to the buyer. Figure 2: Service Mix (Source: Created by the creator) 1.3 Contribution of market division on deals expansion In this modernized business condition, it is profoundly essential to focus on the best possible buyer for selling a specific item (Guo and He 2012). For a model, inn industry has isolated the whole focused on showcase relying upon the customers needs and necessities. Along these lines, the organizations have made different assistance bundles for encouraging diverse gathering of purchaser. Presently, Hotel industry is thinking about the most helpful market section for expanding their gainfulness (Ayeh et al. 2012). So as to actualize a powerful division procedure, organizations are depending upon information assessment devices and strategies. In this procedure, organizations accumulate data from their focused on buyers and relying upon the information, organizations build up their administration plans (Chen, Liu and Chang 2013). If there should arise an occurrence of Marriot Hotel, the organization is having a tremendous scope of administration bundles, which helps the organization in satisfying prerequisites of each buyer. Following are the advantages of effective market division, which increment deals of Hotel industry. So as to lead supportable business, it is exceptionally essential to choose legitimate market portion, for example, segment, geographic, psychographic and social. Following is the disk

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Classroom Management - Setting Expectations Assignment

Homeroom Management - Setting Expectations - Assignment Example 2. Understudies who miss a day of school should see the Make-Up Work Folder situated on the shelf close to the pencil sharpener. In this envelope, understudies can locate a point by point rundown of what notes and exercises they have to make up. Presents will be in the organizer, however understudies must get notes from another understudy and duplicate them by hand to their journal. Missed assignments are expected inside 3 school days of the understudy's arrival. 3. Required day by day materials incorporate a dark or blue pen, a pencil, an assigned 3-ring fastener, and the course reading material. Some other day by day materials will be recorded on the study hall board, so understudies can see them as they go into the room and get any necessary materials before the chime rings. 4. Schoolwork will be doled out every day Monday through Thursday and due toward the start of class, regardless of whether the class surveys it at that point or later. All work is to be unique. A few assignments will be founded on finishing; others will be reviewed thing by thing. 5. Understudies will utilize a 3-ring cover devoted to this course to gather notes, maps, realistic coordinators, and other study hall materials. Every thing in the journal, paying little mind to its sort, will be known as a report and given a sequential number. The scratch pad will be gathered and evaluated dependent on finishing once each reviewing period and establishes a huge piece of understudies' day by day work grade. To convey these gauges to understudies, verbal and realistic strategies should both be utilized. Likewise, the arrangement must be conveyed to guardians just as understudies (Wong, 1991, p. 170). Realistic strategies remember composing the standards and methods for understudies for freebees that they remember for their group journal, just as posting the principles on the study hall divider. Guardians will be approached to peruse the guidelines and techniques built up for the class, and afterward sign a note affirming they know about them. During the main long stretches of class, understudies will hear clarifications of the strategies and practice them (Wong, 1991, p. 177). To actualize standard 5, with respect to the class note pad, the educator should create tests of note pads from earlier years for understudies to see, and clarify the various sorts of records to be incorporated. In the event that conceivable, passing out a list of chapters in advance enables understudies' scratch pad to remain sorted out. The educator must stress when records for the scratch pad are being made, and separate them from day by day class work that would be delivered. Predictable support during the main weeks will assist understudies with making sure to remember every vital report for the class scratch pad, permitting them to score a high evaluation on their day by day work. Setting up elevated requirements for understudies gives them the prompt advantage of improved scholarly execution and permits them to understand their latent capacity. Reference Wong, H. K. The principal long stretches of school: How to be a successful educator. Sunnyvale, CA: Harry K. Wong Publications,

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My Imaginary Story Free Essays

Dim, irate mists covered the silver moon from seeing anything beneath; it’s selling out light disguised. Paradise cried this evening. Its huge, apparently void canvas extended past cutoff points delicately cushioned with a sprinkling of low level dull mists. We will compose a custom article test on My Imaginary Story or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now Their unforgiving dim covering the silver coating and discouraging segments of the perpetual chasm. A distinctive stun of white tore through the inky featuring a city of endless excellence the untamed force resonating past the point where it is possible to caution. The city developed calm other than the periodic wails of the breeze. It was an ideal night for a homicide. She shuddered, immediately doused by the virus tears. Nobody knows her name other than the headstone resting in a little city nobody has known about; the burial ground and its dead additionally overlooked. The commemoration of nothing critical or even worth recalling gradually showed up under the drumming of water beads as the residue and earth crusted on beated away. It was much the same as the night she kicked the bucket. The graveyard has been purged throughout recent years, yet a little anemone rested by today around evening time squandering ceaselessly under the appalling, overwhelming tears of Heaven. Its center undulated with a profound dark; the new petals despite everything white even as it lowered into the earth with the beating of the downpour. She got it planning to smell its waiting fragrance. The tempest thundered on. Overwhelming, thick foreboding shadows pushed through as yet hindering the main silver chasmâ€a praise to the heavenly red mercilessly revealing her for quite a long time at once. â€Å"Hey pretty,† a voice drawled close to her. She whipped around to ideally get a brief look at him before he left once more, yet it was without much of any result. She huffed moan. â€Å"Hello Kai.† She welcomed the void of the dull. She looked as the main streetlight split, glinted, and diedâ€the glass coating beneath, yet she felt his passionate warmth snapping close to her as he clutched her wrist. â€Å"Run with me, lovely. Only for one night.† She smothered a chuckling which changed into a hacking hack. â€Å"Shall we run tonight?† Furthermore, for once she saw a smile grasp his pale lips. She saw his inflexible veins on the outside of his skin loosening up in brooks and streams to the sea, the blood running so dull of a blue it frightened her, however what can he ever do to her? She was at that point dead all things considered. â€Å"So let me know, Kai, for what reason are we running?’ They had hurried to a segregated rear entryway, continually covering up in the darkest parts. It was a similar rear entryway on the off chance that she recollected effectively, obviously she did, where her last warmth left her to be supplanted with only the chilling cold and this void she herself didn't know about. Again the smile was there, and his eyes gleamed with a blazing orange and flares of intensely hot. â€Å"I could let you know, however then I’d need to slaughter you, and you’re just so excellent it would be such a shame.† â€Å"Don’t bother me,† she cautioned. â€Å"Which is actually why I will tell you,† he winked, â€Å"You didn’t even let me finish. You’re so unfair.† The breeze stirred, and his answer never came. The tempest quit seething, and the night was half gone. In the event that they were alive, she would hear his heart pulsating in mood with hers, she would at any rate hear his, however she didn't hear anything. â€Å"You were generally so pretty,† he started. He let go of her virus hand to cup her cheeks. His eyes diminished to a delicate orange gleam as he leaned his brow against hers. â€Å"So pretty,† he murmured, his breath was warm, however of an iced mint. â€Å"Please pardon me.† He contacted his lips to hers and caught her in euphoria. Just in the event that she knew†¦ As he developed the kiss, what survived from her gradually broke up into remains and his heart was thumping with rage Instructions to refer to My Imaginary Story, Papers

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Scientific Skeptisim and Doubts Psychology Research Paper - 1650 Words

Scientific Skeptisim and Doubts Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample) Content: Human Memory Works Like a Tape Recorder or Video Camera, Recording Events Exactly as They Occur-Fact or FictionNameInstitutionInstructorDateIntroductionThe proposition that the human mind works like a tape recorder or video camera, recording events exactly as they occur is a misleading concept. Experiments that have been done to test the accuracy and reliability of human memory have indicated otherwise. Memory can be created through the five external senses. The sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste form the bases that create memories. However, for our case we will focus on the sense of eyesight and hearing that can be perceived as the tape recorder and video camera. The data collected by the eyes could vary significantly from the actual information owing to the incidences of attention blink. The attention blink could affect the sounds interpreted and recorded by the brain. The detached durations of perceived information and processed data by the brain may produce significantly different memories from the actual occurrences. The paper postulates that human memory does not work like a tape recorder or video camera due to the incidences of attention blink and false memories.Literature ReviewMemories have been utilized significantly as evidence in the courts. However, the use of the memories in the criminal cases has been faced with controversy arising from the increased reliance of the memories and their limitations. Experiments have shown that accurate memory required in the court proceedings is almost impossible in real world. The human memory is laden with false memories and misrepresentations that make its use in the courts questionable (Vanessa, 2013).Although eyewitness evidence is faced with critical controversies owing to the presence of the false memories surrounding its use, it has been employed effectively and significantly in the courts of law. In most of the cases where the method has been used extensively is in the crimina l and civil cases that do not require critical details. In addition, the eyewitnesses have been utilized in the scenarios where audios and visuals are available to augment one another (Vanessa, 2013, p. 6). Eyewitness use in the courts is influenced by false memories fostered by special and normal distracters as well as key characters in the scenes. The witnesses may include unspoken words or omit spoken words that lead to false information and interpretation of the situation (Bauer, Lindsay Martin, 2013, p. 5).False memories in the criminal cases indicate the deficiency of the accuracy of the human memory. The accuracy varies significantly with people giving evidence-adding words that were not spoken. The people may omit some key words that were spoken making the interpretation of the evidence misleading. In addition, the structuring of the sentences as were said and the description of the scenes could be ambiguous and lead to misleading information in the case (Vanessa, 2013, p. 5). False experiments are designed to test the accuracy of the human memory. They cover a broad perspective that keys on the ability to recall word for word or to paraphrase what was spoken in a concise manner without losing the contextual and the content meaning. They evaluate the ability of the hearer to remember the key words that fits the scene to their context and content.The special distracters are employed in false memory investigations to check the accuracy of the human ability to remember. If the human mind worked as a tape recorder or video camera, it would retrieve the memories accurately as were the occurrences observed. In the false memory experiment, the special distracters were words that had a related meaning to the key word or words that the sequence of the experimental words had been developed around. The distracters were words that did not originally appear in the test sequence and the viewer claimed to have seen them (Vanessa, 2013, p. 4). The normal distracters in the false memory experiment were words that were presented to the test subject and were not in the original sequence. In addition, the words did not have the similar meaning to the key word contained in the test sequence. Thirdly, the word could have related pronunciation or constituent letters but their meaning was different from the critical word in the experiment (Bauer, Lindsay Martin, 2013, p. 3).False memories influenced significantly the evidence of the eyewitness in the courts of law. The false memories could be vested in the omission of the critical words that made the information given deviate from the original. The false memories included the addition of unspoken words given by the eyewitness that result to misinterpretation of the eyewitness description of the situation. In addition, the eyewitness could describe the scenes through choice of words and sentence structuring that painted the scenes differently from how it was (Brewin, 2012). It is the tendency of the hu man beings to associate with a specific character in any scenario and view the actions from that person point of view. In the lens of that, the eyewitnesses could be inclined towards describing the actions of one person while forgetting the others. To fill the void, they would make up details and scenes to indicate what the other person was doing that could be quite misleading (Brewin, 2012, p. 715).The influence of the false memory effect in the eyewitness scenarios can be influenced by the use of special and normal distracters. The distracters can be used to evaluate the accuracy of the information given. In addition, key characters in the scenes can be employed to guide the eyewitness and understand the case in the eyes of the key character. To support their use, the eyewitness can be supported by recorded audios and visuals that augment the descriptions given by the eyewitnesses (Bauer, Lindsay Martin, 2013, p. 5).The functioning of the human memory is defined by the ability of the senses to perceive external stimulus. There are many stimuli in the environment that sometimes we are not aware of them. Humans employ attention to filter the stimuli and discard the irrelevant while focusing on the stimuli that are perceived and interpreted to be important (Christin, Olivers Sander, 2006). However, in ordinary circumstances, there are situations when the stimuli cannot be perceived irrespective of the attention given. A possible incidence when the stimuli cannot be perceived is the incidences where visual prompts are presented in rapid succession. When the period between the successful prompts is small, the receptor fails to perceive the second stimulus. The failure of the receptor to capture the second prod is defined as the attention blink (Mark, Mary Jan, 2010).Attention blink can be described as the failure of the human brain to capture a prompt either due to the lack of adequate perception of the eyes to form logical information that can be taken to the brain for analysis or resulting from rapid successful prompts that makes the brain unable to make meaningful interpretation of every successful prod. Attention blink can thus be explained to be lack of attention since the stimulus presented during the attention blink are not perceived or noticed by the human brains (Livesey, Harris Harris, 2009). The Livesey and others performed a study in 2009 to evaluate the variation of attention blink and the time between presenting two prods. The study established that there was no significant difference in the response time until the differences were between 300 ms and 500 ms. The time differences below and above the limit did not have any effect of the perception of the second stimuli. On the lower side, the intervals below 200 ms were so fast such that the human brain could not process the successful prods. In the upper side, the time difference was so broad to cause any visual interference to stimulus perception (Livesey, Harris Harris, 2009, p. 409).The interference of the human ability to perceive stimulus through the influence on the attention by attention blink would affect negatively the accuracy and reliability of the human memory. However, the limitations cannot be entirely employed to discredit the notion that human memory works like the video camera or as the tape recorder. The functioning of the human memory could be similar to those of the video recorder but with critical functional differences owing to the event capturing ability (Saini Yammiyavar, 2013). While the video camera has the sensor triggered by the light waves, the eyesight of the humans has the sensor as the activities of the iodopsin and the central nervous systems. The images of the video camera are captured at a speed of lig...

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A Blizzard Under Blue Sky - 1 - 2539 Words

Pam Houston has taught creative writing at Denison University in Ohio, where she completed her undergraduate studies, and her short stories have appeared in various literary magazines. Presently completing her doctoral studies at the University of Utah, Houston is also part of the world of womens fashion magazines as a contributing editor for Elle and a frequent contributor to Mirabella and Mademoiselle. For a number of years, Houston has also worked part-time as a river guide and hunting guide in the western United States and has written about those activities for the publications Outside and Travel and Leisure. Houstons interest in the outdoors forms the core of the stories in Cowboys Are My Weakness (1992), stories that have been†¦show more content†¦There was no wind and no clouds that morning, just still air and cold sunshine. The hair in my nostrils froze almost immediately. When I took a deep breath, my lungs only filled up halfway. I opened the tailgate to excited whines and whimpers. I never go skiing without Jackson and Hailey: my two best friends, my yin and yang of dogs. Some of you might know Jackson. Hes the oversized sheepdog-and-something-else with the great big nose and the bark that will shatter glass. He gets out and about more than I do. People Ive never seen before come by my house daily and call him by name. Hes all grace, and hes tireless; he wont go skiing with me unless I let him lead. Hailey is not so graceful, and her body seems in constant indecision when she runs. When we ski she stays behind me, and on the downhills she tries to sneak rides on my skis. The dogs ran circles in the chest-high snow while I inventoried my backpack one more time to make sure I had everything I needed. My sleeping bag, my Thermarest, my stove, Alexs bivvy sack, matches, lighting paste, flashlight, knife. I brought three pairs of long underwear - tops and bottoms - so I could change once before I went to bed, and once again in the morning, so I wouldnt get chilled by my own sweat. I brought paper and pen, and Kool-Aid to mix with my water. I brought Montana House chicken stew andShow MoreRelatedThe Sun - Original Writing1648 Words   |  7 PagesIt was a warm and cozy afternoon, with the temperature reaching 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The never-ending sky stretched across the landscape, painting a splash of vibrant blue with a few white puffs of cotton cloud in between. The sun rays were still shining brightly, casting shadows across a wide field full of green grass. The sounds of various birds chirping could be heard clearly everywhere, and occasionally a b utterfly would fly around, landing gently on the ever-fragile petals of the Clarie flowersRead MoreThe Dust Bowl1192 Words   |  5 PagesRays of golden sunlight were piercing the blue sky. Today was a hot day. There had been no rain in the last month. A young child was playing in the field while his father was harvesting the crops. The boy was playing among the newly harvested golden vegetables. There were a lot more vegetables than he remembered from years past. The boy knew they were going to sell most of this harvest. Where are the other plants that he remembered? Why was corn the only thing growing? Why is it in straight linesRead MoreThe Building Of Western Civilization1869 Words   |  8 Pagesaware of climate change and the human effects that contributed to its growth. There were climate models that predicted a variable increase in the global temperature of 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100, as well as a rise in sea level between 1 and 4 feet.1 According to these mod els, CO2 emissions started to increase at the same time as the Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth century. The increase in factory machinery as well as land use both caused a spike in the emission levels. HumanityRead More Independence and the Development of the American Identity and Mathematics in the Ninteenth Century5631 Words   |  23 PagesMr. Rocell had to stay in Sweden because of his tuberculosis. Nevertheless, Mr. Rocell said, Go to the United States. It is strong enough that Lincolns assassination will not plummet the nation into chaos. Although he did not place this optimism under the title of Manifest Destiny, the idea that the United States is strong, and will continue despite opposition, is a part of this concept. Hulda married, and her family settled in a sod house in northern Minnesota. Her husband showed independenceRead MoreThe Guest by Albert Camus5142 Words   |  21 Pages1 The Guest by Albert Camus Translated by Justin OBrien he schoolmaster was watching the two men climb toward him. One was on horseback, the other on foot. They had not yet tackled the abrupt rise leading to the schoolhouse built on the hillside. They were toiling onward, making slow progress in the snow, among the stones, on the vast expanse oft he high, deserted plateau. From time to time the horse stumbled. Without hearing anything yet, he could see the breath issuing from theRead MoreHeavy Metal Music7270 Words   |  30 PagesZeppelin,  Black Sabbath  and  Deep Purple  attracted large audiences, though they were often critically reviled, a status common throughout the history of the genre. In the mid-1970s  Judas Priest  helped spur the genres evolution by discarding much of its  blues  influence;  Motà ¶rhead  introduced a  punk rock  sensibility and an increasing emphasis on speed. Bands in the  New Wave of British Heavy Metal  such as  Iron Maiden  followed in a similar vein. Before the end of the decade, heavy metal had attracted a worldwideRead MoreJetblues Good Service Quality9603 Words   |  39 PagesIt seems as though JetBlue has strayed from their original core values, although, the company seems to be on the way to resolving the issues that plague them. STRATEGIC PROFILE (John Beck and Admira Salazar) Starting Off In the Right Direction Jet Blue was birthed in 1999 by David Neeleman and went public in 2000 as an independently owned and operated Airline. Headquarters is located in Long Island, New York with its main base at John F. Kennedy International Airport with most of the flights occurringRead MoreAn Article On Earth Essay10094 Words   |  41 PagesEarth The Blue Marble photograph of Earth, taken by the Apollo 17 lunar mission. The Arabian peninsula, Africa and Madagascar lie in the upper half of the disc, while Antarctica is at the bottom. The Blue Marble photograph of Earth, taken during the Apollo 17 lunar mission in 1972. Orbital characteristics Epoch J2000[n 1] Aphelion 151930000 km (1.01559 AU) [n 2] Perihelion 147095000 km (0.9832687 AU) [n 2] Semi-major axis 149598261 km (1.00000261 AU) [1] Eccentricity 0.01671123[1] Orbital periodRead MoreEssay on Fall of Asclepius95354 Words   |  382 PagesFall of Asclepius By Harm 1 and Icrick Prologue Where should I begin? The apocalypse happened so fast. In less than a month, monsters infested every part of this world. People panicked, people died. They clawed at each other just to get out of all the infested areas around the world. There was problem about fleeing from infested areas. Everywhere was infested. There was no where anyone could go without encountering the walking plague. You know that phrase War is Hell? Well... its deadRead MoreInnovators Dna84615 Words   |  339 PagesW P R E S S BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 100092 00 i-vi r1 rr.qxp 5/13/11 6:52 PM Page iv Copyright 2011 Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior permission of the publisher

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Rene Descartes s Rules For The Direction Of The Mind

Rene Descartes was a French 17th-century philosopher, worthy of our attention for many reasons that make him stand out. Rene Descartes is famously known for saying I think therefore I am and writing his book Rules For the Direction of The Mind†, and much more. What makes him stand out is that he was an aggressive rationalist in an age where many philosophers backed up their arguments and beliefs with the attraction to God. Descartes trusted in nothing more than the human power of logic. He believed that much of what was wrong with the world was caused by misusing our minds. Rene Descartes believed in the direction of our minds, implied implications, and action. He believed that whatever we study should path our minds towards making true and sound judgments about experience and knowledge. All of Rene Descartes theory s implications, notions and sciences are not independent of each other but rather all features and facets of human wisdom. Wisdom because it is in procession with the heart and doing good and thinking with thyself, thy soul and thy mind towards goodness and betterment of the world and mankind, but his lack of identity and acknowledgement of God makes him fall short of an oracle; yes indeed his conviction and thinking of there not being a creator definitely is a sign of a healthy thinking mind, his thinking level definitely outputs many for its time, his belief and irrational-rationality which would make sense to his ideology and systemsShow MoreRelated Rene Descartes Essay1094 Words   |  5 PagesRene Descartes was a famous French mathematician, scientist and philosopher. He was arguably the first major philosopher in the modern era to make a serious effort to defeat skepticism. His views about knowledge and certainty, as well as his views about the relationship between mind and body have been very influential over the last three centuries. Descartes was born at La Haye (now called Descartes), and educated at the Jesuit College of La Flà ¨che between 1606 and 1614. Descartes later claimedRead MoreThe Matrix Is Highly Action Packed1220 Words   |  5 Pagesthroughout the featured famed actors, costumes, special effects and fight scenes, many viewers failed to notice the philosophical issues. Plato and Descartes, just like the characters in the movie are faced and driven to extreme measures to understand the world around them. They are compelled to seek knowledge in understanding what is real, evaluating the mind-body problem, and are left wondering if there is any good. These philosophical features of the movie have raised questions and have made it anRead MoreLanguage and the Destiny of Man12402 Words   |  50 PagesÅžtefan Afloroaei / Descartes and the â€Å"metaphysical dualism† Descartes and the â€Å"metaphysical dualism†: Excesses in interpreting a classic* Al.I. Cuza University of Iasi Abstract The article focuses on one of the most serious accusations brought against Descartes and modern philosophy, namely â€Å"the dualism of substance†. The accusers claim that the human body and soul were viewed as completely separate; consequently, their relationship as such and the united being of man become incomprehensible. AsRead MoreThe Discoveries Of The Scientific Revolution1873 Words   |  8 Pages1705, a fantastic mind of many talents. He introduced concepts still used by the great scientist in the world today. Newton changed the foundations of physical science with his three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation. Newton was a key figure of the scientific revolution of the 17th century, he studied the contributions of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Descartes, and formed their works into new more powerful discoveries. (Isaac Newton s Life. Isaac Newton s Life. Accessed AprilRead MoreMotivation Is The Art Of Getting People2493 Words   |  10 Pages The ancient Greeks presumed three component, the body s desires, pleasures and pains (senses and efforts of will and spirit) in a hierarchical arrangement for the first theoretical justification of the motivational activities (Pakdel, 2013). In the modern era after the Renaissance, Renà © Descartes (1596-1650) provided the first theory of motivation. He distinguished between inactive and active aspects of motivation (Pakdel, 2013). Descartes believed in that body is inactive factor of motivationRead MoreHow Education Is Taught Through Social, Professional And Political Standpoints Essay1914 Words   |  8 Pageshardships placed on him by his parents and living conditions which lead him to develop a special way of thinking which is known as pansophism (Steiner, 2010). Pansophism underlined the political solidarity, religious bargain, and joint effort in direction throughout the human race (Steiner, 2010). This objectivity of pansophism related to the interactions and relationships between information and the absorption of knowledge throughout everyday life. He maintained educating as the fundamental aspectRead MoreA Review of Ethics Concepts Theories2669 Words   |  11 Pagesthe concept that ethics cannot be based on religion. 8. Explain the use of ethical reasoning and how it can be used in your professional life. Introduction The major ethical principles accepted in the western world follow guidelines and rules that must be universally applied in all situations. These ethical principles are established primarily on the basis of teachings set forth by philosophers throughout the ages, starting with the great Greek thinkers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.Read MoreBranches of Philosophy8343 Words   |  34 Pagesmathematicians such as Frege focused on a mathematical treatment of logic, and today the subject of logic has two broad divisions: mathematical logic (formal symbolic logic) and what is now called philosophical logic. †¢ Philosophy of mind deals with the nature of the mind and its relationship to the body, and is typified by disputes between dualism and materialism. In recent years there have been increasing similarities, between this branch of philosophy and cognitive science. †¢ Philosophy of languageRead MoreCompilation of Mathematicians and Their Contributions11615 Words   |  47 Pagesand his emphasis on mechanical processes in the formation of order that paved the way for the atomic theory. * Advocated that matter is composed of infinite elements. * Introduced the notion of nous (Greek, â€Å"mind† or â€Å"reason†) into the philosophy of origins. The concept of nous (â€Å"mind†), an infinite and unchanging substance that enters into and controls every living object. He regarded material substance as an infinite multitude of imperishable primary elements, referring all generation and disappearanceRead MoreRegular Polygon9248 Words   |  37 Pagesthe exterior or external angle. Tracing all the way around the polygon makes one full turn, so the sum of the exterior angles must be 360 °. This argument can be generalized to concave simple polygons, if external angles that turn in the opposite direction are subtracted from the total turned. Tracing around an n-gon in general, the sum of the exterior angles (the total amount one rotates at the vertices) can be any integer multiple d of 360 °, e.g. 720 ° for a pentagram and 0 ° for an angular eight

Australian Wine Industry

Question: Discuss about the Report for Australian Wine Industry. Answer: Introduction Australia, the leader in wine production and producing several wine approach which range from intense reds to deep, dessert and fortified style, looks fruity whites to dazzling, a big country with every sort of climate and having all kinds of soil. The menus of many best restaurants get beautified by the high quality of Australian bottling, while the trendy variety and blend of wines contend on the shelve of the supermarkets and wine retailers in more than 80+countries worldwide. Australian wine owns a universal triumph story since 1980s to 1990s, and assisted to fabricate and create an international consumer based market, especially for wine and particularly renowned in the countries such as the UK, Canada and USA. Presently, Australia has around 2,350 wine manufacturers and the wine segment hired nearly 33,000 people. There are almost 172,680 hectares. Is being covered by wine producers. Australia is known as sixth largest wine producer in the world and comes with rank following France, Italy, Spain, USA and Argentina. Along with that, it is the 4th largest exporter. Wine comes 4th in the case of Australian farm exports subsequent to wheat, wool, and beef dairy (Curran Thorpe, 2014). The report includes the survey of Australians Industry of Wine and thus, assessment covers two models. The models used to analyze are Porter National Diamond Analysis Model and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Porter Diamond Analysis Model is basically based on the essential circumstances, assessing the state of the location is appropriate for the trade in respect to a few factors. The factors are Demand, Geographical factors, Support and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is examined to invest via diverse past situation and information which can help in taking the decision to do investment in the Australian Industry or not. By the help of both of these tools, it can be concluded that making investment in the Australian Wine Industry will certainly result in the creditable profit or not. Part 1: Porters National Diamond Analysis In this report, we will discuss the Porter's National Diamond Analysis and then will assess and carry out the analysis of the present condition of the Wine industry of Australia. The significant assessment is essential to present the pro and cons which the countrys market brings to this industry (Castaldi, Cholette, Hussain, 2006). To initiate a trade plan, it is essential to make sure the accessibility of funds, ease of employing an expert workforce, current order in the market of the specific product, tactic for increasing the margin, sustaining industries, etc. Considering all these, Michael Porter has projected a sculpt known as National Diamond Analysis, which mainly aimed at the premeditated analysis of the company in regards to consideration of key aspects, resource and industrial opinion. This model suggests that when there are several states and industries surrounded by nations, then it turns out to be more aggressive situation than the others on the worldwide level, then there is an intrinsic basis for this. The argument is that the nationwide home country of such type of industry would facilitate provides the industrys with explicit reasons, which will produce cutthroat and aggressive rewards on the international grounds (Australian Trade Commission, 2016). This model is basically dependent on key pillars which are written and mentioned below: - Factor Conditions: It states to the accessibility of sources in the area either it is home ground or innate bequest. These situations can be characterized by assistance available within the state which is therefore built by the organizations to additional higher factor of the competition. The prosperous sum of the unrefined objects, extremely accomplished employment, and shortage of workforce and communication capability of the labor force are few of the examples of these conditions. Demand Conditions: This is the main factor in regards to the modernism, eminence development and development of the industry. Whereas preparing a plan for setting up a business, one must review that what is in stipulation and what is the scope of anticipated development. When the home country for a particular product is massive and more challenging at the local level in comparison to the overseas markets, local organization always tries to focus more on the extension than entry in new countrys market. This will enhance the opposition of the local export company internationally and would be capable of being recognized the level of requirement of the services they provide or the product and how well they are capable to assemble and understand the consumer requirements (Baker, 2014). Associated and Relative Industries: It defines to the assistance that is effortlessly present by supplementary industries in the products growth with deference to the propinquity. Companies of domestic country would probably acquire extra cost-effectiveness and attain additional pioneering products and part while assisting the industries and thus, suppliers locally turn out to be aggressive while competing. It will yield higher product sales if there is more competition in the supporting companies. The Strategy Structure and Rivalry: Strategy plan and strong structure are the methods, which is the must for any company to stand firm in a competitive market. Industry and trade leaders could make analysis recognize with pre-determined aspects exist in the industrys domestic country by use of the Porter's Diamond Analysis, and out of such factors, which may be adapted for attaining the international competitive return. Through a globalization segment, the commercial leaders could also apply the Porter's Diamond Model, examine if the domestic factors could able to sustain the process, in case of the situations initiated in the domestic country are capable enough to create aggressive benefits on the global scale of competition (Moffett, 2004). Porters Diamond Analysis Model with respect to the Australian Wine Industry The Wine Industry of Australia is well-known for its eminence and serving the best in terms of clients value of paying around the world. It is a key business because of the accessibility of wine grapes in profusion which may possibly grow faultlessly in those surroundings with suitable atmosphere, climate circumstances and rain water. The associated industries like grape mounting, shipping are also rising at a lofty speed, which can be a goodwill for the industry of the wine along with the recent rising new industries and wine tourism (Corporation, 2015). Michael Porter has assessed the development of this industry in Australia with respect to National Diamond Analysis Model explained below: - Factor Condition One should look for the home grown resources in a case if need to set up a new industry in any specific area whose raw material is various natural resources. Australia is known as the best place because of the good growth of wine grapes there which results into a very good place for setting up the Wine Industry. The favorable conditions like good rainfall, optimal temperature along with the good weather of Australia are very well suited for the wine grapes to grow there with a very high quality. Western Australia, South-Wales, Tasmania, and South Australia are the main wine producing areas in Australia (Government, 2016). Skilled labor is required for the Grapes plantation and the process of wine making, and people residing in Australia have a lot of enthusiasm for that. In the Australian universities also, making of wine is a key area of research. Students will help in discovering the new process of yielding good production of wine grapes with the help of their technological innovations. To sum up, we can say that Australia is the prominent place for the foreigners to make their investment for making fine use of the accessibility of resources, innovative technology, and skilled labor. Demand Condition If there is a huge demand for any product, it will automatically encourage for the improvement of that products and services as this will work as a motivational factor. In Australia, the production of wine is very enormous with high eminence and variety, which will automatically result into the large demand in the market. (Palousis, 2014) The demand feature as per the Porter National Diamond Analysis stated that getting more magnetism to the conditions of demand in the home as well as foreign level. To summarize, due to the good taste, quality and verse variety, Australian wines are is in huge demand which also results in the attraction for investors. Strategy, Structure and Rivalry While planning for setting up an industry, the main focus should depend on the structure and plan to make that industry successfully, so that they can contend with the existing industries in a good way. Thus, strategies along with the structure are the vital reasons that play a significant role in finding the inner environment of any industry. (Svala, 2015) The most well-known winery is located in Penfolds Range which is in Australia, which we can say is a natural place for generating the top level quality wine. Another famous area is the Barossa Valley situated in South Australia, which is well-known for the high rank varieties. To conclude, Australia is a top producer of wine, so complete information on the market competition along with a well prepared plan should be there with the foreign investors, whenever they plan to set up (Fickle, Folwell, Ball, Clary, 2005). Supporting and Relating Industries The Government of Australia acquiesce a good business as Australia has major industries of wineries, therefore they give much effort on providing the associated services to support them. The Australian Govt. spends a good amount on railways and roads as transportation services are given major emphasis for the smooth communication between the manufacturers of wineries and distributors available at domestic and world level. The development of wineries is well supported by the related industries of Grape growing, wine marketing, as an industry all alone, cannot flourish without the support of the connected other industries. Australians are capable of manufacturing approximately every type of wine and they export it all over the world. From this factor, it is simple to state that due to a great support provided by the Government and other related industries, one can invest very well in the Wine industries. Part 2 Market Entry Strategy Analysis made by the Porter National Diamond Through the help of the Porter National Diamond Analysis, we come towards some of the determinants that are essential for setting up an industry. The Porter Diamond Analysis approves the investment in the Wine Industry due to the below reasons:- Natural resources which are wine grapes are available in good quantity due to the favorable conditions of climate along with the good quality of soil, and favorable temperature for the plantation of grapes. Availability of the expert workforce for the process of plantation and manufacturing. High demand due to the reason of good quality and variety. Planning strategy along with good structure needs to be very pioneering to stay competitive in the market. All the basic circumstances set up for an industry is met, so it is significant to ensure the Australian Investment Framework, so that it also gives support to the foreigners to develop their business (Schmitz, Carpenter, Dunung, 2012). Foreign Direct Investment Whenever a country plans to invest in the business of another country is termed as FDI of foreign investment. FDI is the kind of investment made by an organization or entity based on lone country, into an organization or entity based in another country. FDIsvary considerably from the indirect investments like portfolio flows, wherein the overseas organization spends inequitieslisted on NSE i.e. Nation Stock Exchange. Entities, making direct investments normally have a substantial level of influence and power over the organization into which the investment is made. Openeconomieswith fine growth prospects and trained workforces are likely to draw vast amounts of foreigndirect investment (Austrade Chief Economist, 2015). FDI is growing in its universal significance, though at the same instance development in case of industrys spotlight, the relative share is embarked on by the individual investors and the degree of funds is assisted by Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises (EMNEs). This development takes place of creative questions for the global business assumption, as the impetus and itinerary of EMNEs appear for diverging from those of the conventional MNEs. In this perception, numerous professionals has currently emphasized and considering the requirements to be paid off to the idea of eventuality, inclusive of organizational framework, in consideration with the EMNE strategy. Foreign Direct Investment in Australian Wine Industry The Australian Govt. has regularly invited overseas investors as it has assisted always to develop their market and put efforts for creativity, economic development and affluence. To pop-in funds, one is required to proffer their plan and then it is accessed by the Foreign Investment Review Board of Australia (AFIRB) (Australia's Foreign Investment Team, 2015). The country holds a well- established legislative system and well set governing bodies which can be defined as a financier affable and also holds effective overseas venture rules, which are broad minded and promote inward investment. The wine industry is an inexpensive and cost- effective key area, rely on selling overseas for its elongated-term endurance and development. Though, there are few enthralling variances in host country aspect, which would facilitate for sorting out the problems related to investment issues. The significant investigation questions which can be discovered are as follows: - What is the scale and possibility of countrys venture in the areas assessed? Is there a fact of the vulnerability associated with the Liability of Foreignness (LOF)? Do they have details of Liability of Origin (LOR) or Asset/Possessions of Foreignness (AOF) for the country financing? Market Size The main industry statistics on the Australias wine market (2012) are: - The presented figures demonstrate that the wine market in Australia produces total revenues of nearly $26.5 billion in the year 2012, representing a Compound Annual Growth Rate i.e. CAGR of approximately 4.3% for the period between the years 2008 and 2012. Australia has been ranked in the top 10 international destinations for the foreign direct investment (FDI) for the 4th consecutive year by the World Investment Report published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in the year 2015. Australia earned nearly US$165 billion in the FDI inflows over three years to 2014 which is up by almost 30% from the US$125 billion during the last three years. This conclusion shows Australias recommendation as a destination for the investment, underpinned by its investment ties, sturdy economic expansion, global trade, strategic location and good record for innovation (Kurihara, 2012). Liability of Foreignness as a Barrier to Successful FDI Earnings for the industry from Foreign Direct Investment demand is ample enough to balance Liability of Foreignness: the details that industry bears socio economic costs, when they operate in the foreign markets. This notion is created by Zaheer in the year1995, looking for validation of the under-performance of overseas in comparison with the mature domestic companies and owes the aim of embracing scholarship. Thus, a report is made in such as way to give the broad review by Denk, Kaufmann and Roesch in the year 2012 which elucidates that the work which has been completed in the last 2 decades, including the theoretical basics of LOF and its consequence on Multinational Enterprises. One of the key significant assistance to the LOFs literature is that they had included the Eden and Millers work in the year 2004, which distinguish among unawareness, unfairness and relative hindrance (Robson, 2014). Few scholars suggested that there is a requirement for an improved approach to LOF enchanting COO effects into account. Firstly, the actuality of being overseas investment would be a profit in the context of domestic image and congregation, nation advantages, i.e. which can be an AOF, and can persuade on the outcome. In regards to the report, various finances might be in an enhanced situation than the local estate owners for exploiting their countrys market. Secondly, few authors have pinpointed out that the issues adept with the foreign companies possibly vary on the COO of the company. The divergence is related to every foreign company and may not be regarded equally foreign. Thus, few companies, especially EMNEs from the different country milieu of the host country and may have an improved Liability of Origin (LOR) than the others. So, LOF might be trained in an abnormal way by EMNEs in a developed countrys market in comparison with the companies from the same trade and having cultural possessions. This problem is predominantly likely for the Chinese companies, provided the value of the state in their domestic economy and the large numeral of SOEs indulged in OFDI (Boriraj, 2008). Case Study foreign Direct Investment of China in Wine Industry The investment done by the Chinese MNEs in Australian vineyards and France has two major characteristics which may influence the LOF are as follows: - Firstly, in case of the wine industry, one of the major entrance modes i.e. Greenfield is efficiently closed to the potential investors, as the most appropriate area in the chief designated regions is already cultivated. Therefore, the prospect FDI entry mode is acquirement or an enterprise. As described below, the final is an accepted approach which is being adopted, specifically in France. This policy has been manifest as a factor vulnerable to LOF and expected to pursue a stronger force for the Chinese company to reveal the authority. Also, the investors basically dont desire to create the host market, but moderately require protecting the quality supply and excelling in examining of the domestic market of China. So, the prospect of pessimistic thinking would direct to consumer variables in the host market with a reduction of the key concern. A smaller amount of awareness with the regulations of host country, unfairness by the prospect associates, Govt. and the owners are anticipated to be the gigantic sources of the LOF in this specific case (Australian Govt., 2015). Part 3: Contemporary Management Issues The companies should look for alliances and collaboration with the companies renowned working in Australia, might be in fruit and fruit juices sector, alcohol sector or with few distilleries. So that they can get into merger or may go for a profitable joint venture, which can lead to good margin in the business. As Australian Wine sector shows 0.2% growth every year since year 2011 till 2016, thus there seems to better and fruitful future is anticipated in such case of collaboration with small but renowned players of Australia. Evaluation on the basis of National Diamond Analysis Model As per the model projected by Michael Porter, which has mainly four points on which to set up industry depends are: Factor conditions Demand factors Support and relating industries and strategy Structure and rivalry analysis So, all the mentioned conditions are met with commendable advantageous. Firstly, the situation which embraces the home is the abundance and availability of wine grapes. Also, the trained and skillful workforce is present in the planting and production process. Secondly, due to the good and very high quality, the demand factor is also very high which is also favored by the different variety and good taste. Thirdly, the support provided by the Government of Transport and Communication becomes a feature of magnetism for the investment in this industry. Lastly, the plan, structure and rivalry depict the competition in the market and new innovation helps for leading this business. (Wine Australia Team, 2015). One of the disadvantages in opening up a wine industry is that as the competition is very high tough and for any newcomer to stand firm and competitive in the market, fresh technology and new ideas of innovative are necessary with which they can magnetize the customers to carry out high-quality business there. So, its a great idea for making an investment in the Australian Wine Industry as it can yield a good business along with a good profit. The key stress should be given to the technology along with the innovation with the help of which, one can contend in the existing market. Also the place should be selected very smartly for setting up an industry with respect to the nearness and abundance accessibility of the resources. Evaluation on the basis of Foreign Direct Investment It is very important to check the support of the Government in the country, whereas business needs to be planned. Investing in any new country will for sure create issues and some problems in the starting phase, so they can reduced if one gather all the important information from the companies which are already established or growing in that country. The Wine Industry of Australia are majorly working with the Chinese Foreign investors and as per the comments from China industries and people, the people of Australian are friendly and supporting in nature and its quite beneficial and easy to adjust and to work to carry out business with them. In the past few years, China has nearly established 7 vineyards in Australia, which conclude that there is a good profit or margin we can say in investing in the Australian Wine Industry. Despite of profit, there are few management and investment related issues which foreign investor had to face in the other country, described as follows: - Unfamiliarity hazards such as due to lack of understanding and knowledge of the host country business environment which can be proved as a drawback to the foreign firm. Prejudice hazard such as biasness, is associated with the potential for consumers or Govt. in a way to differentiate against the company and its products just because it is from a different country. Also, relational hazards reveal that a huge amount is needed for the management of commerce country crosswise and can embrace such things as low levels of trust, communication issues and high costs of administration management. The High Operational cost would required start a business in the foreign country. Since, Australia owns numerous vineyards and Wineries, thus the level of competing is very high, thus some innovative strategy may assist to win the vicious competition. Conclusion The report shown above reflects a survey done on the Wine Industry of Australian in regards to the investment in which two aspects are mainly covered namely, Porter Diamond Analysis and Foreign Direct Investment. Porter Diamond Analysis recommended that it is very beneficial and profitable to invest in the Australian Wine Industry due to the favorable conditions. As far as FDI is concerned, with the help of survey and statistics we can conclude that Australia is an enhanced and enhanced place to make the investments due to the support of Government in that country. So, as per this report we can say that it is recommended investing in the Australian Wine Industry. Bibliography Austrade Chief Economist. (2015, May 11). Increase in Australian foreign investment approvals. Retrieved from Australian Govt. (2015). Australia open for business. Retrieved from Australian Trade Commission. (2016). Reports and resources. (MC3) Retrieved from Australia's Foreign Investment Team. (2015). Australias Foreign Investment Policy. Retrieved from Baker, M. J. (2014). Marketing Strategy and Management. Palgrave Macmillan. Retrieved from Boriraj, J. (2008). 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